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PRODUCT INFORMATION: If you’ve been avoiding gluten and haven’t had Weet-Bix in a while, we’d like to say welcome back!

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Healthy Food Guide on What you need to know about the glycaemic index
Hi Michael   We can understand your confusion as we often talk about insulin as something people with diabetes use to manage their glucose levels. Of course, this is only necessary as...
Healthy Food Guide on Food, FODMAPs and IBS: What to eat and what to avoid
Hi Sally - apologies for the delay in responding to your comment. Yes, we do recommend you use a dietitian to help guide you through a FODMAP diet as it can be a reasonably complex exercise. Good...
Wandering Doll on Chicken, corn and red capsicum fritters
Really simple and easy to make corn fritter recipe! One of my favourite meals. HFG is my go to for recipes :-)

Latest news and blogs

Latest News and Blogs
We’ve just wrapped up the January issue of Healthy Food Guide (yes, we live our lives in the future here). This issue includes the annual...

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With winter approaching and summer crops finished, you would be forgiven for thinking...
Which Vitamin K-containing foods, and in what quantities, can be eaten whilst taking Warfarin?
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