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How important to you is your health? Stop for a minute and really think about that. How important is your health?

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Wilma Duncan on Food, FODMAPs and IBS: What to eat and what to avoid
I make banana icecream with frozen raspberries. Both the banana and raspberries are frozen. Would it be safe to make the icecream and freeze it?
Wilma Duncan on Food, FODMAPs and IBS: What to eat and what to avoid
Tracey - you might like to try banana icecream with raspberries. You can make the icecream in a foodprocessor. I use a Yonanas machine. You peel and chop a banana, freeze for 24 hours (or less)....
sunshine on Ham and pasta salad with lemon-mustard dressing
Very tasty, but very lemony, so cut back a little if you are not heavily into lemon. Great for some of us, others found it nice but too tangy.

Latest news and blogs

Latest News and Blogs
It is a common belief that if you overeat or binge then you are eating for comfort. Whilst for some that may be true, through my experience...


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Do you envy those people with steel-trap memories who are as sharp as a tack despite...
What is the difference between blue cow's milk and toddler formula?
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