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Readers often ask me what I put in my children’s lunchboxes.

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Yvonne Kerr on Ask the experts: Fresh vs dried foods
hi there, thanks for getting in touch. The problem here could be that you're not using enough water for cooking your spaghetti, or possibly, you may be overcooking the pasta, or both. I would try...
Yvonne Kerr on Wonton soup
Hi there, thanks for your query. The reason we add water to chicken stock in this recipe is to keep the sodium levels down. Some of the stock cubes you find in supermarkets is very high in sodium....
Niki Bezzant on Food, FODMAPs and IBS: What to eat and what to avoid
I'd suggest you talk to a dietitian or nutritionist who specialises in IBS - there are lots around now. The low-FODMAP diet is complex, and there are some pitfalls you might not even realise you...

Latest news and blogs

Latest News and Blogs
There’s no denying it: we’re getting older. As a nation, I mean. According to Statistics New Zealand, the demographic aged 65 plus has...


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Serves: 4
Time to make: 40 mins

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Hangovers can be a common feature of the holiday season. Nutritionist Catherine Saxelby...
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