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Advertising – print

Healthy Food Guide magazine is read by 386,000 health-conscious consumers each month. Healthy Food Guide is great value-for-money. The casual full page rate is only $4,815 (excl GST and commission-bearing). There are a range of directory sizes available starting at $315 excl GST.

To advertise please contact

Agency clients
Contact Carlee Atkin, or phone +64 9 484 1351

Direct clients (ie. who don't use a media buying agency)
Contact Aimee Fraser, or phone +64 9 484 1354

Display rates*

Size Casual 3x 6x 9x 12x
DPS 9,150 8,921 8,692 8,463 8,235
Full pg 4,815 4,695 4,575 4,454 4,334
1/2 pg 2,890 2,817 2,745 2,673 2,601
1/3 pg 1,966 1,916 1,867 1,818 1,769

*To book a special position or guaranteed positioning within the magazine, add 15% to the applicable rate above.

NOTE: Additional volume discounts apply for annual spends over $115,000 + GST.


Advertorials* – quote on application.

*Conditions apply. Please discuss with Advertising Manager when requesting quote.

Premium positions

Size Casual 3x 6x 9x 12x
IFC DPS 10,414 10,154 9,893 9,633 9,373
Outside back 5,681 5,538 5,396 5,254 5,112
Inside back 5,443 5,307 5,171 5,035 4,899

Directory rates

Size* 3x 6x 9x 12x
Small (59mm x 44mm) 315 307 299 291
Medium (H) (59mm x 92mm) 525 512 499 486
Medium (V) (124mmx44mm) 525 512 499 486
Large (124mm x 92mm) 945 921 898 874

*(depth x width)

Services Guide/Specialty Store listings

  • $300 for 6 consecutive months
  • $550 for 12 consecutive months

Other items

Item Casual 3x 6x 9x 12x
What’s Hot product page* 1,260 1,229 1,197 1,166 1,134
Sample Card or Coupon Quote on application        
Inserts or Onserts Quote on application        
Studio time for production of artwork $500 + GST per ad        

*Products on the 'What’s Hot' product page and Sample Card require editorial approval.

  • Rates apply to four-colour and mono, and for finished artwork supplied.
  • Rates are exclusive of GST and are quoted in $NZ.
  • Standard commissions apply for all accredited advertising agencies for direct client payment in full by 20th of the month following publication.
  • Healthy Food Guide reserves the right to accept or reject advertising material.

Material specifications

Our preferred format is a high-res PDF. We also accept flattened, high-res TIF and EPS files.

Material supplied via Adstream's Quickcut validation and delivery system is assured to meet our exact speficiations and arrive correctly. If you are not already set up with Quickcut, you can immediately submit your advert via the quicksend web service.

The reproduction of advertising supplied by other methods, such as on disk or via email, cannot be guaranteed.

If not using Quickcut, please send material to your account manager as an email attachment, and (if applicable) post/courier high-res colour accurate proofs directly to the Healthy Food Guide office.

Download or print our full material specifications.

Print advertising deadlines


  • If you intend to use our graphic design service, your deadlines are two weeks prior to the dates stated.
  • Deadlines for What's Hot, Sample Card, Shopping Guide and Services Guide are one week prior to the dates stated.

Advertising booking deadline:

Wednesday, 4.5 weeks prior to publication.

Material booking deadline:

Friday, 4 weeks prior to publication.

Cancellation deadline:

One week prior to booking deadline.

Issue On-sale Material Booking
January Mon 15 Dec Fri 14 Nov Wed 12 Nov
February Mon 19 Jan Fri 05 Dec Wed 03 Dec
March Mon 16 Feb Fri 23 Jan Wed 21 Jan
April Mon 16 Mar Fri 20 Feb Wed 18 Feb
May Mon 20 Apr Fri 27 Mar Wed 25 Mar
June Mon 18 May Fri 24 Apr Wed 22 Apr
July Mon 22 Jun Fri 29 May Wed 27 May
August Mon 20 Jul Fri 26 Jun Wed 24 Jun
September Mon 17 Aug Fri 24 Jul Wed 22 Jul
October Mon 14 Sep Fri 21 Aug Wed 19 Aug
November Mon 19 Oct Fri 25 Sep Wed 23 Sep
December Mon 16 Nov Fri 23 Oct Wed 21 Oct

Advertising terms and conditions

Standard print advertisements

Conditions of contract:

1.  Our Schedule of Advertising Rates operative at the time this contract is entered into, together with the Advertisement Proof (if any) for this Advertisement, forms our entire contract. Any alterations to our contract shall be in writing and signed by both parties. 

2.  All work carried out by us in producing or subsequently changing the advertisement shall be charged to you in addition to the advertising insertions rate shown above unles shown to the contrary.

3.  All amounts and rates specified in this contract are exclusive of goods and services tax which shall be additional to all amounts payable by you.

4.  Unless otherwise specified on the contract positioning of advertisements is at our discretion.

5.  You shall deliver to us copy or other material at your expense by the date specified.  If you fail to supply the required material by that date, we shall be entitled to full payment for the insertion which would otherwise have been published, whether or not we are able to publish the advertisement. Our decision as to whether we can publish shall be final. Our expenses (including tolls and freight charges) following the deadline date, in endeavouring to secure replacement material shall be recoverable from you.

6.  Advertising agents accredited with the Print Media Accreditation Authority (“PMAA”) will be paid commission for advertising so long as the Publisher’s Terms of Trade are strictly observed.  The Publisher may deem any advertisement or advertising agent accepting a commission or rebate to be observing and acting in accordance with the PMAA’s conditions whether or not such advertiser or agent is accredited by the PMAA or not.  Any discount for prompt payment applies only if payment is made in full within 10 days of the insertion concerned.

7.  You shall make all payments due under this contract on the 20th of the month of publication of any insertion. If any payment is not made then, without prejudice to our right to immediately enforce all remedies available to us, we may:                         
7.1  cancel this contract (with cancellation rate adjustments, if any, applying);                        
7.2  charge penalty interest on all overdue amounts at the rate of 20% per annum from the due date until the date on which payment is received;                        
7.3  recover all collection costs (including all legal costs and disbursements) from you.

8.  All proceedings arising out of this contract shall be conducted in Auckland, New Zealand unless we otherwise in our discretion decide.

9.  Our maximum liability to you for any act or omission on our part shall not exceed the cost of one insertion pursuant to this contract.

10.  By signing this contract you warrant and undertake that no statement, representation or information contained in the advertisement is:                        
10.1  or is likely to be misleading or deceptive or to otherwise infringe the Fair Trading Act 1986; or                
10.2  in breach of any applicable Advertising Standards Authority Inc Advertising Code of Practice; or  
10.3  otherwise in breach of any provision or statute, regulation, rule or law (including but not limited to The Australia New Zealand Food Standards Code); and that the publication will not result in any claim or action whatsoever being made or taken against us.

11.  You hereby agree to indemnify us against and in respect of all such claims or actions resulting from publication of your advertisement and the cost (on a solicitor and client basis) of defending such claims or actions including but not limited to claims of defamation, breach of copyright, trademark of other intellectual or industrial property rights.

12.  Healthy Life Media Limited reserves the right to:    
12.1  request substantiation for any health or nutritional claims made in any advertisement;                 
12.2  add a keyline, the word “Advertisement” and/or change fonts used in any advertisements that, in our opinion, look similar to editorial; and/or                        
12.3  accept or reject any advertising material and to edit copy to make it conform to our legal or ethical requirements.

13.  Advertisers making therapeutic claims must have TAPS (Therapeutic Advertising Pre-Vetting System) approval.  Healthy Life Media Limited reserves the right to decline to publish advertisements without a TAPS number.

14.  Unless otherwise specified, all insertions subsequent to the first insertion will be in consecutive issues of the publication.

15.  No liability. The Publisher and the Publisher’s servants are not and will not be liable for any loss incurred by any party through error or negligence, either in the content of an advertisement or the incorrect appearance of an advertisement. The Consumer Guarantees Act 1993 does not apply to the extent permitted by Section 43 (2) of such Act.

16.  The deadline for cancellation of advertising bookings (not recipe advertising promotions) is 1 week prior to the advertising booking deadline, as stated in the most recent media kit.  Healthy Life Media Limited reserves the right to charge for the full cost of the media placement if cancellation is received after this date.

17.  The deadline for cancellation of recipe advertising promotions is 10 weeks prior to the on sale date and prior to HFG engaging professional services for recipe creation, food styling, photography or nutritional analysis. Healthy Life Media Limited reserves the right to charge for the full cost of the media placement if cancellation is received after this date.

Recipe advertising promotions

Additional terms and conditions for recipe advertising promotions within Healthy Food Guide:

Recipe advertising promotions within Healthy Food Guide are paid advertisements in which branded product(s) are used in recipes created by the Healthy Food Guide (HFG) team and cost is fully inclusive of the following:

Recipe creation, brand/product mention within ingredients list, food styling, photography of finished dish, design and layout of page(s) within Healthy Food Guide, nutritional analysis of recipe (by degree qualified nutritionist) and creation of Nutrition Information Panel, nutritionist comment about health benefits of recipe, space on the page for product promotion; ie picture of product, logo and information relevant to consumers.

If the recipe qualifies for HFG Nutrition Icons, eg high-fibre, these will be included on the recipe as a design element. They cannot be guaranteed.

Special conditions:

Your product(s) must be approved by HFG Editor and Nutritionist as suitable ingredient(s) to be in an HFG recipe, prior to acceptance of booking.

All editorial and advertising-promotion copy published in HFG is subject to approval by the HFG nutritionist for accuracy.  HFG reserves the right to request changes to any copy to ensure that nutritional information is represented accurately.

The editorial and advertising-promotion copy will ideally include practical tips for consumers on how to buy, use or store your product. It is not to contain any health claims.

You do not have the right to reject the photograph of the recipe or require any further changes to the recipe itself after photography has taken place.

HFG reserves the right to modify the recipe after photography has taken place if it requires any changes to fit within HFG’s nutritional criteria for recipes.

If you have a specific photograph you wish to use; and you have the legal right to reproduce it; you may submit it for HFG’s consideration.

HFG owns copyright of all recipes and photographs commissioned by HFG but gives you the right to reproduce the published recipe and photograph in other media. NOTE: The HFG layout, Nutrition Information Panel, Nutritionist comment and any HFG editorial is not able to be reproduced in any form, without written permission from the Managing Director of Healthy Life Media Limited.

Recipe(s) will be created, tested and sub-edited by HFG before sending to you for approval.

Rate includes reasonable requests for copy changes (excluding changes to the recipe or photograph after prior approval) but more than three change requests will incur an additional design charge of $160 + GST per hour.