December issue: 10 things we learnt

December issue: 10 things we learnt

The December issue of Healthy Food Guide is available in supermarkets and magazine retailers from Monday 17 November.

Here are 10 things we learnt while researching
this issue.


For overall health it’s a good idea to moderate your alcohol intake. Try alternating alcoholic drinks with non-alcoholic drinks (see
page 80). Behind the science: alcohol, page 40


There is no getting away from the fact that ham is extremely high in sodium. So if ham is your traditional Christmas meat, it is a very good idea to find one with less sodium. This vs that: turkey vs ham, page 31


Studies show that certain activities and thinking styles can alter brain chemistry so the best way to address emotional eating triggers is to take a mind-food approach. How to curb comfort eating, page 32



Vinegars are made using two fermentation steps. The sugar of the primary ingredient is fermented into alcohol, and then this alcohol is fermented into acetic acid (the vinegar). Shopping opener,
page 14


A higher consumption of vegetables and fruit is associated with a reduced risk of death (from all causes). News bites, page 10


B12 is an essential vitamin not found in plant foods so vegans have to find it in alternative meat-free, dairy-free sources that have been enriched with the vitamin. Shopping for vegan foods, page 27


Remember: snacks count in your daily diet! The kilojoules in snacks need to fit in to your overall intake. When’s your snack o’clock? page 44


German researchers have found that the more healthy behaviours adopted — eg. maintaining a healthy weight, diet, exercise, not smoking and limiting alcohol — the more your risk of bowel cancer decreases. News bites, page 11


When selecting a spice mix to add flavour to your meal, take note of the sodium content: it can vary from 0mg to nearly 1400mg sodium in a 5g serve (which is more than half the recommended upper limit in just one teaspoon!). How to choose spice mixes, page 20


One tablespoon of sesame seeds adds just 230kJ as well as plenty of flavour to our salad or vegetables. This month’s top three,
page 19


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