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Competition winners

Here are the winners of our October 2014 issue competitions and giveaways!

Your say

Healthy Food Guide one-year subscription (value $49.90)
Colyton School, Kathy Simpson

Subscription prize

Kenwood Multipro Excel food processor (value $799)
Jennifer Ducker, Gwendolyn Tod

Online competitions

Delmaine pasta prize pack (value $100)
Toni McCallion, Anna Nickless, Joanne Rait

Proper Crisps prize pack (value $50)
Craig Allen, Bev Bayly, Sarah Cody-Fitzgerald, Farrah Templeton, Sonia Wilson

Lifestream Cleanse Kits (value $74.90)
Jo McIntosh, Rachel Griffiths, Kirsty Tamati

Kids in the kitchen – photo competition

Healthy Food Guide prize pack (value $25)
Jamie Cramer, Maddison Forbes, Shyla Ganderton, Daniel Peck, Zade Winters
Photos published online