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Competition winners

Here are the winners of our August 2014 issue round of competitions and giveaways!

Your say

Healthy Food Guide one-year subscription (value $49.90)
Siobhan Leathley, Trudy O'Donnell, Rosemary Mead-White, Kathy Smith

Subscription prize

Breville Boss blender (value $999.95)
Tessa Strang, Sandra Brownridge

Online competitions

Delmaine prize pack (value $45)
Maria Tanner, Joanne Chandler, Trish Cox, Dayle Manttan, Debbie Ross

The Fresh Grower mixed green prize pack (value $50)
Marianne Pettigrew, Frances Anderson, Lily Ross, Darion Avalon, Sandra Jones, Maree Robertson, Margaret Sutherland, Kay Young, Joanna Lilley, Karen McDonnell

Kings Seeds selection prize pack (value $35)
Sandra Young, Bronwyn Godsiff, Rebecca Soper, Justine Rangiwai, Paul Newnham, Emma Poppelwell

Radiance Kids' Probiotic (value $23.90)
Helena O'Connor, Steven Melton, Ti Mansfield, Tessa Lomas, Deborah Flynn, Shontelle Thomson, Taryn Davis, Tracy Barry, Judy Thomas, Heather Illingsworth, Tara Hughes, Stephen Alldridge, Michele Meade, Anneke van der Oest, Janine Steinmann

Barker's of Geraldine prize pack (value $60)
David Lai, Annemarie Jones, Jocelyn Greig, Janet Baker, Ocean Popata

Fry's Vegetarian product voucher (value $10)
Katherine Stern, Jose Knipping, Carol Protheroe, Darcy Underwood, Pat Roach, Sophie Bang, Melissa Fincham, Imelda Chandler, Suzanne Everitt, Daniel Shrimpton, David Taylor, Rebecca Arcus, Catherine Dhammi, Kerri Gorman, Vickie Roelofs, Fleur Hardman, Kirsty Tamati, Sarah Don, Shelley Smith, Andrea Callender, Sonja Asish, Gail Hunter, Latoya Hector, Fiona Carter, William Winspear, Hayley Bray, Elizabeth Robertson, Kay Young, Jackie Bettelheim, Cara Mitchell

Kids in the kitchen – photo competition

Mother Earth Pingos prize pack (value $25)
Jack Christian, Custom Hattie, Sam Morris, Ruby Pedersen, Danielle Taylor