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The official HFG weight-loss plan

HFG's weight-loss plan is designed to help you eat well and lose weight while developing healthy habits for life.

Here at Healthy Food Guide, we don’t believe in ‘diets’. We don’t even like the word. When most of us think of diets, we tend to think of deprivation, denial, hardship and probably failure. Most diets are also temporary, which we don’t believe in, either. Faddish, short-term diets – which sound exciting because they promise big results – are designed for short-term benefit. But as anyone who’s ever been on a diet like this knows, the long-term result is almost certainly going to be weight-gain as soon as the diet is over, and possibly gaining even more weight than you lost in the first place.

The Official HFG Weight-loss Plan is all about making small changes you can stick to long-term so they become healthy new habits that are part of a ‘new normal’. It’s a different way of eating but it certainly doesn’t involve denial or deprivation.

The plan contains all the tools you need to:

  • set an achievable weight-loss goal
  • plan your weekly menu
  • choose healthy snacks
  • change the way you think about food
  • exercise to feel great

Print off a copy here of the measurements chart and weekly menu planner that accompany the plan.

Plus you can search this website for hundreds of healthy dinner ideas and healthy lunch and snack ideas.

Click here to buy your copy of the October 2012 issue and The Official HFG Weight-loss Plan.