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What does a serving look like?

We see a lot of information about servings in nutrition advice and on food packaging. If you've ever wondered what a 'serving' of a particular food looks like, this guide is for you.

These are the serving recommendations from the Ministry of Health for the main food groups.

The playing cards act as a visual comparison to give you an idea of the size of each item.

Another couple of handy tips are:

  • Carb portions are around the size of your closed fist (big men will have a bigger serve, and young children will have a much smaller serve), or around a quarter of your plate.
  • Meat portions are about the size of your palm, or around a quarter of your plate.
  • Vegetable servings (not high-carb veges like potatoes) are around half of your plate.

To download the resource right click on the PDF and select 'Save target/link as'. You will need Adobe Acrobat reader to view this resource.

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