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Create delectable dishes from around the world… and discover clever ways to use up leftover sauces and spices.


An Egyptian blend of nuts, herbs and spices.

Ideas for using dukkah

Dukkah-roasted chicken with fennel and quinoa salad

Three other ways with dukkah:

  1. Scatter over smashed avocado on toast
  2. Roll hard-boiled eggs in it for a snack
  3. Toss through veges before roasting


An aromatic sauce of basil, garlic and pine nuts.

Ideas for using pesto

Roasted pumpkin, feta and pesto gnocchi

Three other ways with pesto:

  1. Swirl a few spoons through scrambled eggs
  2. Spread on pizza bases or sandwiches
  3. Mix into plain yoghurt for a healthy dip

Miso paste

A Japanese seasoning of fermented soybeans.

Ideas for using miso paste

Miso-glazed roasted eggplant with sesame rice

Three other ways with miso paste:

  1. Add to mashed pumpkin or kumara
  2. Whisk with tahini and pour over coleslaw
  3. Stir into chicken noodle soup

Curry paste

An exotic mixture of spices and oil.

Ideas for using curry paste

Indian curried vegetable and chickpea soup

Three other ways with curry paste:

  1. Stir into pumpkin soup
  2. Add to mayonnaise and use it for pasta or potato salad
  3. Mix with peanut butter for a quick satay sauce


A North African hot chilli paste.

Ideas for using harissa

Harissa lamb stew with root vegetables

Three other ways with harissa:

  1. Spoon onto burgers or spread it on wraps
  2. Stir through tomato pasta sauce
  3. Mix with yoghurt and lemon to make a marinade for meat
First published: Sep 2017

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