How much energy is in that snack bar?

We compare the kilojoules in each snack bar to its equivalent amount of sliced white bread.

When choosing a snack bar we recommend choosing a bar with 50 per cent or more fruits, nuts, seeds or whole grains; more than 1.5g fibre per bar; 2g saturated fat or less per bar (less than 1g is even better); 10g sugar or less per bar; and for anyone watching their weight, 600kJ or less per bar.

Kellogg’s Special K Chocolately Bars – Mint Choc (21.5g)
370kJ = 1.3 slices white bread

Quaker Fibre Bar Dark Choc (30g)
438kJ = 1.5 slices white bread

Be Natural Trail Bars 5 Whole Grains – Berry (32g)
460kJ = 1.6 slices white bread

Nutrigrain Original (30g)
520kJ = 1.8 slices white bread

Mother Earth Soft & Chewy Muesli Bars – Choc Apricot (31.3g)
526kJ = 1.8 slices white bread

Nature Valley Chewy Berry (35g)
603kJ = 2.1 slices white bread

Pams Yoghurt Nut Bars (32g)
670kJ = 2.3 slices white bread

Cadbury BrunchBar Nut – Peanut (35g)
735kJ = 2.5 slices white bread

Tasti Nut Bar – White Choc Macadamia With Cranberries (35g)
764kJ = 2.6 slices white bread

Bumper Bar – Apricot Chocolate (75g)
1450kJ = 5 slices white bread

Any product examples given here were correct at time of publication. However, remember to check the ingredients and nutrition information every so often, as these can change over time.





First published: Jul 2011

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