10 ways with sardines

10 ways with sardines

Sardines well deserve their time centre stage – they are delicious and full of omega-3s. Niki Bezzant shares some tasty ways to serve up sardines.

1.  Sardine burritos

Gently fry 1 onion and 1 clove garlic. Add 1 can sardines and 1/2 can diced tomatoes and simmer until slightly reduced. Spoon mixture onto 4 tortillas, roll up and lay in a baking dish. Sprinkle over grated cheese. Bake in 180ºC oven until cheese is melted and golden.

2.  Sardine and white bean salad

Combine 1 can sardines with half a drained 400g can cannellini beans. Add chopped tomatoes, chilli flakes, rocket leaves, lemon juice and extra-virgin olive oil. Combine well. Makes a tasty work lunch. Serves 1.

3.  Sardine & potato salad

Boil, drain and cool 500g small waxy potatoes. Gently toss through 1/2 cup of a 50:50 mix of reduced-fat mayonnaise and plain low-fat yoghurt. Add capers, parsley and rocket leaves to taste. Finally, gently toss through 1 can sardines and season with salt and black pepper. Serves 4 as a side salad.

4.  Sardine melt

Make flash sardines on toast by spreading grainy bread with a flavoursome chutney. Squash sardines on top. Sprinkle with a little grated cheese and grill until bubbling and golden.

5.  Recipe substitution

You can replace tuna or smoked fish with sardines in any recipe. You will get more omega-3 while boosting the flavour as well.

6.  Seafood dip

Blend 1 can sardines with 1 tablespoon reduced-fat sour cream, a good squeeze of lemon juice and a dash of Tabasco sauce. Sardine-haters won’t even recognise the fish.

7.  Sardine-stuffed peppers

Combine 1 can sardines with 1 cup cooked brown rice, 2 tablespoons grated parmesan cheese, 1 teaspoon Dijon mustard and a handful chopped parsley. Stuff mixture into 2-3 red capsicums. Bake in 200ºC oven for 20 minutes. Serves 1.

8.  Sardine and olive pasta

Cook enough pasta for 2 serves. Drain. Toss through 1 can sardines, 1/2 cup chopped black olives, zest and juice of 1 lemon, 2 tomatoes and a dash of olive oil. Garnish with black pepper and parmesan if preferred.

9.  Sardine and tomato bruschetta

Combine 1 can sardines with 2 chopped tomatoes, a dash of red wine vinegar, a grind of black pepper, 1 tablespoon chopped parsley and a dash of olive oil. Rub toasted ciabatta or sourdough bread with 1 cut garlic clove. Pile sardine mixture on top. Serves 1.

10.  Sardine curried fried rice

Gently fry 1 chopped onion and 1 clove garlic. Add 1 chopped green capsicum, a handful of green beans and stir-fry for a few minutes. Add 2 cups cooked rice, 2 teaspoons curry powder and 1/2 teaspoon turmeric. Stir-fry for 5 minutes. Add drained sardines, chopped boiled egg and a dash of soy sauce if preferred. Serves 2.

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