I filo good!

It’s crunch time — make the most of this crisp pastry.

For each layer, we used two sheets of pastry.

As a pastry case

Step 1 Place 2 sheets flat on a board covered with baking paper. For a quiche or tart-type dish, spray top sheet with oil spray and sprinkle with breadcrumbs. The breadcrumbs between each layer prevents the pastry from going soggy (see Chicken and vegetable quiche tart).

Step 2 Use this layer (2 sheets) to line a quiche dish, allowing the edges to overlap the rim of the dish.

Step 3 Repeat with another layer of filo pastry, scrunching the edges to make it look pretty. Repeat if needed, depending on your recipe.

As a topping

Step 1 Lay 2 sheets of pastry on a board covered with baking paper. Cut this layer (2 sheets) into quarters and scrunch together. Add to the top of pies. Repeat to cover pastry.

Step 2 Once the pie is covered with scrunched pastry, spray with oil.


  • Chilled or frozen? If you have space in your fridge, choose chilled filo rather than frozen. It’s easier to keep and you can use it immediately.
  • For savoury filo recipes, an olive oil spray gives the dishes a good colour and flavour. For sweet ones, brush on melted low-fat spread.
  • To prevent the filo sheets not being used from drying out, cover with a damp tea towel.

Recipe ideas

Chilli beef filo pot pies
Freeform filo fish pies
Chicken and vegetable quiche tart
Spinach, sun-dried tomato and parmesan filo rolls
Pork, apricot and thyme strudel with baby vegetables

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