November issue: 10 things we learnt

November issue: 10 things we learnt

The November 2016 issue of Healthy Food Guide is available in supermarkets and magazine retailers from Tuesday 25 October


Here are 10 things we learnt while researching this issue.


Some iced teas we have tried contain up to 8½ teaspoons of sugar. How much sugar in that iced tea?, page 24.



The sodium content in canned fish products can creep up if the fish is smoked, flavoured or in brine. How to choose canned fish, page 29.


Eggs are packed with choline, a nutrient associated with memory and mental alertness. 10 of the best foods for boosting memory, page 32.



A study found students who sipped water during an exam performed five per cent better than those who didn’t. 10 of the best foods for boosting memory, page 32.


Eggs or firm tofu are excellent substitutes for chicken in pad Thai for a vegetarian version. Light & fresh Asian meals, page 70.



Stress hormones, such as adrenaline and cortisol, speed up your heart rate, breathing and metabolism. 6 steps to get your energy back!, page 42.


 Sulphites from foods can make breathing problems worse for children with asthma. Are the problems with your kids really about food?, page 36.


Cauliflower florets and tempeh are great on the barbecue too. Vege barbecue, page 90.


Rocket is a good source of vitamin A, great for immunity and vision. In season, page 62.


Although some oats need to be cooked, rolled oats can be eaten without cooking. Ask Claire, page 12.



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