April 2012 issue: 10 things we learnt

The April issue of Healthy Food Guide is available in supermarkets and magazine retailers from Monday 19 March.

Here's 10 things we learnt while researching this issue.

Honey bees visit around 50 to 100 flowers during each trip from the hive. How do they make honey? page 80


Eating two Gingernuts instead of two Toffee Pops halves the cost and saves you one-third of the kilojoules. Is healthy eating really affordable? page 29


Serving a piece of fruit with a child’s meal helps your infant absorb iron from food. Question corner: Ask Claire, page 18


It is important to have zinc intake every day as the body cannot store this vital mineral. Shopping for more zinc, page 89


Contrasting the colour of your plate/s with the colour of food may help reduce the quantity of food you eat in a sitting. News bites, page 15


According to an Otago University survey, from 2009 to 2011, the cost of a ‘moderate’ healthy diet increased by 19.5 per cent. Is healthy eating really affordable? page 22


As the weather cools, try planting broad beans and spinach as they can withstand frosts. Gardening diary, page 84


When counting your five-plus veges and fruit for a day, for a smoothie to count as two portions it has to have around 80g whole vege/fruit, plus 125ml pure juice. Are you really getting your five-plus-a-day? page 35


According to the latest Adult Nutrition Survey, New Zealand women are only consuming 17.5g fibre each day, more than 10g less than the Suggested Dietary Target. How much fibre is in that food? page 79


Sports drinks are useful for those athletes who are training or competing for a period of at least 60 minutes. Any less time may mean you are consuming unnecessary kilojoules compared to water, which has zero kilojoules. Guide to sports drinks, page 86



First published: Mar 2012

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