How many kilojoules in that bliss ball?

Bliss balls are promoted as a healthier snack choice, but if we don’t watch serving sizes, energy can creep up.

Bliss or energy balls often come in packs of five, but eating all five at once will pack a heavy energy punch. Try to stick to having just one.

Choose bliss balls that have a mixture of fruit and nuts, with no added sugars such as rice malt syrup or fruit juice. Bliss balls are a high-fibre, sustained energy snack option.

We compared the kilojoules in three balls (or two for the larger Amazeballs) with those in an average royal gala apple – around 300kJ.

(Products listed in order from lowest to highest sugar content)

Tasti Smooshed Wholefood Balls Brazen Berry

558kJ in 3 balls (35g)

Tasti Smooshed Wholefood Balls Orange Zinger

577kJ in 3 balls (35g)

Zoaties Tangy Cranberry

654kJ in 3 balls (39g)

Bumper Bliss Balls Cranberry Raspberry

654kJ in 3 balls (42g)

Tom & Luke Raw Energy Snackaballs Strawberry & Macadamia

654kJ in 3 balls (42g)

Bumper Bliss Balls Cacao Vanilla

678kJ in 3 balls (42g)

Zoaties Oat Cookie

699kJ in 3 balls (39g)

Nutri Bombs Endurance Strawberry & Pumpkin Seed

714kJ in 3 balls (42g)

Frooze Balls Original

735kJ in 3 balls (42g)

Tom & Luke Raw Energy Snackaballs Cacao & Peanut Butter

804kJ in 3 balls (42g)

Frooze Balls Cranberry

810kJ in 3 balls (42g)

Amazeballs Coconut Rough

938kJ in 2 balls (50g)

First published: Sep 2017

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