Portion distortion: Date scones

A delicious date scone is tempting when eating out, but just how much bigger is it than what you might serve up at home? We compare portion sizes of popular menu items, to help you make healthier choices.

Healthy Food Guide scone 55g


Hollywood Bakery scone 170g (equal to 3 x HFG scones)

The Healthy Food Guide scone is what we’d consider a portion serve. But, at 170g, the bought scone is triple the size. At 55g, the HFG scone is 560kJ, which means the bought scone comes in around 1680kJ (and probably a lot more). This makes it less of a snack and more of a small meal. And don’t forget the energy from any toppings you add.

At a triple serving size, sharing definitely is caring when it comes to this bakery scone. Think about splitting your scone with someone else, or putting half away for later.

First published: Apr 2018

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