10 things we learnt: December

10 things we learnt while researching the December 2018 issue.

Typically, healthy vegetarian diets are higher in fibre than non-vegetarian diets. Vegan diets: Risks vs rewards.

Gem squash are a great first food for babies because their texture is light and palatable. The lost plot.

Marinating then cooking meat slowly over a low heat, rather than a high temperature open flame, helps prevent potentially harmful chemicals forming in it. Tips for a healthier barbecue.

Certain products aren’t required to display ingredients lists, eg, bottled water and food in small packages, such as chewing gum. Law column.

Dark chicken meat, eg, thigh and leg, is higher in iron than pale breast meat. Buy better: choosing chicken.

A single-scoop ice cream is a lot closer in size to a double scoop than it is to a kiddy cone. Portion distortion: Ice cream.

Some fish oil supplements have high vitamin A levels. Too much vitamin A can be harmful, so it’s worth checking the bottle. A guide to fish oil supplements.

Washing raw chicken increases the chance of harmful bacteria spreading across other food and dishes. Buy better: choosing chicken.

Most people who think they have reflux use over-the counter medication for their symptoms, but only 17 per cent go to the doctor for help, according to a Wellington survey. 7 diet tweaks to help reflux.

A third of food produced around the world is wasted. Food for thought.

First published: Dec 2018

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