April 2018 issue: 10 things we learnt

April 2018 issue: 10 things we learnt

The April 2018 issue of Healthy Food Guide is available in supermarkets and magazine retailers from Monday 19 March.

Here are 10 things we learnt while researching this issue.

A café ‘big breakfast’ can supply a whopping 40 per cent of our daily saturated fat. Everyday choices, page 84

Added sugar is more likely to cause weight gain and tooth decay than naturally occurring sugars such as lactose. How much sugar is in your drink? page 82

Post-pregnancy hormone changes can affect how energy is used and stored in the body. Ask Katrina, page 10

Bought scones can be so big they are like eating a small meal, in terms of energy. Portion distortion, page 88

Iodine, an essential nutrient, is not available in high levels in NZ soil and produce, which is why it is added to salt. Autoimmune disease: What to do when your body fights itself, page 22

Eyelid twitching is usually caused by fatigue, stress, smoking, excess alcohol, caffeine or an irritation. What your face says about your health, page 22

Evidence that a varied diet is important to optimal human health was first uncovered during experiments on dogs in the 1800s. Evolution of nutrition, page 34

Studies link skipping meals with weight gain. Supplements: Are they worth it? page 16

Adults need more fibre than children – around 25-30g a day compared with 14-28g, depending on the age of the child. How to choose kids’ breakfast cereals, page 86

In World War II there were ‘starvation’ studies to help figure out how to treat famine victims in Europe. Evolution of nutrition,  page 34

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