January: 10 things we’ve learnt

10 things we learnt while researching the January 2019 issue.

People who eat two eggs for breakfast tend to consume fewer kilojoules over the course of a day than people who eat bagels for their first meal. Switch off hunger the natural way.

Eating a meal can shift your nervous system from being ready for ‘fight or flight’ to ‘rest and digest’ mode. Food coma: Why overeating makes you sleepy.

A recent study found that even after the age of 65, following the Mediterranean diet can increase longevity. Fads or fact: Diets debunked.

You can grow your own dried beans, such as borlotti or cannellini, by leaving them till they’re dry and rattling in their pods on the vine. The lost plot.

Micronutrients that New Zealanders may be at risk of being short of include vitamins D and B12, iodine and selenium. A guide to multivitamins.

Higher vege consumption is associated with better muscle strength in elderly women. News bites.

Regulations require wine labels to state country of origin, but that doesn’t apply to other alcoholic beverage labels. Law column.

A large smoothie can contain as much energy as a meal. Portion distortion: Smoothies.

Some food box curries can contain almost a day’s worth of sodium in one serve. Healthy Food Guide Awards.

Dips are high risk for food poisoning, if not handled properly. How to choose dips and spreads.

First published: Jan 2019

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