Apr 2016

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COVER FEATURE: Diabetes: A Kiwi epidemic • Healthy pantry makeover for $50 • Prescription medication and weight gain • Getting enough fibre when you’re gluten free • Which stock is best? • Healthier cream replacements • Make ahead and freeze recipe special •  and much more…

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  • Lower your diabetes risk: HFG Senior Nutritionist Rose Carr demystifies the facts, and we share Julie’s story – living as a ‘diabetic in denial’ for over 15 years
  • Make over your pantry for less than $50: Consider your freezer and your flavourings, not just your basic essentials, says nutritionist Brooke Longfield
  • Bitter pill – What to do when your meds cause weight gain: Philipa Sandall says you’re not alone
  • Gluten free but worried about fibre? We talk not just wholegrains but 10 other sources of gluten-free fibre, plus meal ideas


  • Food for thought: Editor-in-chief Niki Bezzant considers the star quality of pulses


  • Shopping savvy: Donating groceries online with the Salvation Army, celebrating eggs, book review, plus Niki’s lunch of the month
  • How to choose: Stock
  • How to get your daily: Magnesium
  • How much… is in that? Saturated fat in biscuits
  • Shopping for: Cream alternatives
  • This versus that: Non-dairy milks

This month’s recipes

  • In season: Granny Smith apples and turnips
  • 5pm panic: Stress-less weekdays meals
  • Easy freeze: Freezer-friendly feasts
  • Four ways with grains: Get to know some new staples
  • Vegan delights: Jeremy Dixon gives two traditional dishes a makeover
  • Kids in the kitchen: Mmm, savoury pumpkin pikelets…
  • Freeze a smoothie: A smart idea to kickstart your day

… and more!

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