January 2017

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COVER FEATURE: Cravings – why are some foods so irresistable • Dairy-free kids • Happy wife, healthy life • Christmas leftovers • Summer fitness • Easy picnic ideas • and much more… (Price includes postage and packaging, please email admin@hlmedia.co.nz).


  • Healthy reasons for getting hitched: There are plenty of benefits that come with getting married, but did you know the partnership is also good for our health?
  • Should your child be dairy free? People cut dairy from their diet for a variety of reasons, but what are the risks for dairy-free kids? Dietitian Sarah Peck investigates.
  • Cravings: Why are some foods so irresistible? Nutrition and healthy writer Paula Goodyer explains the science behind food cravings.
  • 2016 Healthy Food Guide Awards: Our annual pick of the healthiest, tastiest supermarket products, as well as some of the more questionable.


  • Food for thought: Editor-in-chief Niki Bezzant on why it pays to read nutrition labels.


  • Shopping savvy: The rules governing ‘best before’ and ‘use-by dates’; Niki’s lunch of the month and the book review.
  • How to choose… Dips
  • Superfood vs everyday hero: We compare the health properties of chia seeds vs salmon, goji berries vs strawberries.

This month’s recipes

  • In season: Raspberries, red onion and garlic in abundance
  • 5pm panic: Rustle up something scrummy in a hurry
  • Love those leftovers: Breathe new life into your Christmas leftovers
  • The art of tarts: Healthy tarts great for summer entertaining
  • Fresh flavours: Tasty meals to make the most of seasonal ingredients
  • Summer catch: Recipes great for using fresh fish up
  • HFG makeover: The traditional berry trifle gets a healthy makeover

… and more!


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