June 2016

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COVER FEATURE: How to have a happy gut • How to give your kids healthy eating habits • Juices and smoothies, how healthy are they? • Shopping advice: the best bliss balls & raw fruit bars • 5 delicious make your own low-sugar baked bean recipes • How to boost your protein • Healthy & tasty pies •  and much more… (Price includes postage and packaging. For delivery overseas, please email admin@hlmedia.co.nz).


  • What your gut bacteria can do for you: Dietitian Katrina Pace explains how our gut bacteria could be telling us far more about our general health than we realise.
  • Is blended really better? What we find in juices and smoother varies greatly, say HFG nutritionist Claire Turnbull. We help you negotiate the traps and tricks around choosing the good ones.
  • How to raise a healthy little eater! Author Wal Herring reckons we need to look at our own attitudes to food in order to teach our kids about healthy eating.


  • Food for thought: Editor-in-chief Niki Bezzant speaks to an expert on eating out gluten free.


  • Shopping savvy: Storage tips for veges and fruit, the go on flaxseeds and matcha tea, our book review, plus Niki’s lunch of the month
  • How to choose: Fruit based snacks
  • How to boost your: Protein
  • How much… is in that? Sodium in pasta sauce
  • Shopping for: Foods with less sugar
  • This versus that: Breakfast-on-the-run drinks

This month’s recipes

  • In season: Mushrooms, kumara, bananas and mint
  • 5pm panic: Stress-less weekday meals
  • Meat-free Monday: Baked beans your way
  • Use your noodle: Niki Bezzant shares a great idea for DIY instant noodles
  • HFG makeover: Cassoulet the HFG way
  • Single serve: Meat and three veg never looked so appealing
  • Prize pies: Who doesn’t love pies?
  • Kids in the kitchen: Our classic banana split is a real blast from the past
  • Sweet treats: Veges in baking offer plenty of surprises, and they’re all good!

… and more!


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