Mar 2016

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COVER FEATURE: How to take control of binge eating • Coping with menopause • How healthy is your muesli? • Delicious Easter treats • Abundance bowls • Should we stop eating fruit? • Health Star Ratings explained! •  and much more…

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  • What do Health Star Rating symbols mean? The New Health Star Rating system is appearing on packaged foods. Senior Nutritionist Rose Carr explains how to interpret them
  • How to manage menopause: It may be a natural stage of life but menopause can be a huge challenge for many women. Our experts advise on how best to manage symptoms
  • When food controls you: Overcoming binge eating: Binge eating disorder is increasingly becoming a serious problem among middle-aged people. HFG nutritionist Claire Turnball explains
  • Sugar in fruit: Should you stop eating it? As debate continues around how much sugar fruit contains, you may be reconsidering whether you should eat it. Here’s what our nutritionists know


  • Food for thought: Editor-in-chief Niki Bezzant discusses why the bad reputation eggs have had is undeserved


  • Shopping savvy: Figs, barley, plus Niki’s quick and easy lunch of the month
  • How to choose: Ready meals
  • How to get your daily: Potassium
  • How much… is in that? Kilojoules in muesli
  • Shopping for: Easter treats
  • Smart staples: 10 DIY salad dressings

This month’s recipes

  • In season: Beetroot and feijoas
  • 5pm panic: Meals to whip up in a jiffy
  • Abundance bowls: Bowl them over with lots of veges and protein
  • Eggplants: Ways to use this versatile and delicious vege
  • Toast toppers: Delicious toppings for breakfast or snacks
  • Kids in the kitchen: Healthier Easter eggs
  • Sweet treats: Fruit tarts

… and more!

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