Oct 2016

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COVER FEATURE: Your metabolism and weight loss: How to burn more energy • Lunchbox envy • Fat that loves you and why you should love it back • Allergy season: Finding relief from hay fever • How many kJs in your takeaway coffee? • Mouthwatering meat-free meals • and much more…

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  • What can I do to boost my metabolism? Is a slow metabolism really behind weight gain, and what can you do about it? Dietitian Brooke Longfield finds out
  • The fats that love you back: HFG senior nutritionist Rose Carr looks at why fat is not the villain it once was. It’s just a matter of picking the right kind
  • Inside your body: The liver: Your liver is an efficient, multi-tasking organ and deserves to be treated with respect, writes HFG nutritionist Claire Turnbull


  • Food for thought: Editor-in-chief Niki Bezzant has tips to prevent pesky pollen attacks in spring


  • Shopping savvy: The buzz on country of origin labelling on food packaging, Niki’s lunch of the month, the book review, and adding flavour without fat, sugar or salt
  • Everyday choices: Eggs benedict vs poached eggs and tomato
  • How many… are in that? Kilojoules in your morning coffee
  • Homemade vs bought: Maggi Spaghetti Bolognese recipe base vs HFG’s Freezer-friendly bolognaise sauce

This month’s recipes

  • In season: Spring onions, chillies and avocadoes
  • 5pm panic: Stress-less weekday meals
  • HFG makeover: Baked cheesecake
  • Work lunches: Three spiffing spring lunch box ideas
  • If there’s an egg in the house… There’s a meal in the house (or five!)
  • Delighting in veges: Building meals of plant based goodness
  • Deluxe smoothie bowls: A beautiful and nutritious way to start the day

… and more!

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