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Roast chicken dinner

Roast chicken dinner

Serves: 6
Time to make: 1 hr 40 mins

Total cost: $ 27.12 / $ 4.52 per serve

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Roast chicken dinner
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*Fat-free cooking juice

You can freeze fat-free cooking juice and use it as stock or in gravy.

Step 1 Refrigerate cooking juice from chicken in a jug or bowl. The fat will sit on the juice's surface.

Step 2 Separate fat from the liquid using a fat separator. This has a spout at the base of the vessel (available through kitchen shops). Or pour slightly cooled juices into a strong plastic bag, snip a tiny piece off the corner and allow stock to pour out. Stop pouring before fat comes out.

HFG tip

To make your roast chicken dinner healthy

  • Use oven bags to keep chicken moist without added fat. Drain juice and save for gravy (remove fat first).
  • Increase flavour with garlic, fresh herbs or lemon. Or make a stuffing.
  • Remove skin before serving – most of the fat is found under the skin. A lot of this fat melts through the chicken and into the juices during cooking but there is still a significant amount that clings to the skin.
  • Cook lots of vegetables. Leave skin on where possible, spray or brush with oil and cook separately from the chicken. To shorten cooking time, partly cook first in boiling water and drain thoroughly before roasting.
  • Make gravy the low-fat way. Juices that collect in an oven bag can have up to 100g fat. If the juices are used as they are to make gravy, that's an extra 10-25g of mostly saturated fat per serve.

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