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Cheese toasties
Snacks, light meals

Cheese toasties

Serves: 2
Time to make: 15 mins

Cheese toasties
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HFG tip

Toasty tips

  • The toaster's a no-no! Never use a conventional bread toaster for this recipe because cheese will get stuck and you simply won't believe the mess! Really. Don't. The experiment's not worth it.
  • Go wild! Add a tablespoon of finely chopped onion to the cheese before you cook it, or try adding capsicum, pineapple, ham or mushroom.
  • French-styles. For a more nutritious meal, crack an egg, beat it with a fork, and dip your bread in it before you toast it. It's just like French toast, but with cheese inside.

Boring safety bits – not!

  • Never operate electrical appliances with wet hands.
  • Turn off the grill or sandwich press as soon as the toasties are done.
  • The toasties will be hot! Use oven mitts and tongs or a spatula to transfer the toasties onto a plate.
  • Wait for toasties to cool down before you take a bite.



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