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Antipasto preserves

Antipasto preserves

Serves: (make as much or as little as you like)
Time to make: 25 mins , plus marinating

Antipasto preserves
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HFG tip

  • Including the marinated mushrooms in the antipasto will ensure the mixture is acidic enough to be safely kept. If you don't use the mushrooms, refrigerate the mixture and use it up within 3 weeks.
  • You can add olives, caper berries and cubes of feta or mozzarella to your mix. If you include cheese, keep antipasto chilled and use within 3 weeks.
  • Antipasto is simply vegetables and oil, so the kilojoule content per serve will vary depending on how much oil is consumed.
  • One teaspoon of oil has 170kJ.
  • See our article Preserving basics for some handy preserving techniques.

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