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Yummy fruit cake

Yummy fruit cake

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Serves: 16
1 hr15 mins
(Hands-on time: 15 mins, Cooking time: 1 hr)
Yummy fruit cake
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  • Decorate with pecan halves or almond halves.
  • You can use cranberries instead of raisins, or peaches instead of apricots.
  • If you want an egg-free recipe, omit the eggs.
  • To make this cake a ‘celebration’ cake (eg. for a birthday or Christmas), dust the cool cake with icing sugar and place a few glacé cherries on top. (Did you know glacé cherries aren’t very healthy? They are made by boiling the fruit in a strong, sugary syrup. This makes the fruit lose its colour so the factory adds artificial red or green colouring.)

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