HFG chicken satay

Serves: 4
Time to make: 35 mins , plus 30 mins marinating

Total cost: $ 11.40 / $ 2.85 per serve

(at time of publication)

HFG chicken satay
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  • Nutrition Info.(per serve)

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Serving suggestion

Serve with steamed veges to make this a complete meal.


Make it gluten free: Check soy sauce is gluten free.

HFG tip

How they compare

2350kJ (561cal)
10g saturated fat
6g fibre
610g sodium

HFG makeover
2330kJ (556cal) = similar
4g saturated fat = 60% less
8g fibre = 33% more
290mg sodium = 52% less

What we did

With the same amount of food and energy in a serve:

  • Both meals are high in protein and fibre, but the HFG makeover is lower in both saturated fat and sodium.
  • We reduced the amount of saturated fat in the recipe by 60% by using yoghurt instead of coconut cream.
  • We also reduced the amount of peanut butter and nuts, which reduced the saturated fat while still giving a nice nutty taste. And there are still plenty of healthy fats in our version.
  • By choosing no-added-sugar-or-salt peanut butter, and reduced-salt soy sauce we halved the sodium.

Photographer: Toby Scott
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